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Iam shicai. call me whatever u wan cos i dun care. and i dun bite i am friendly cheerful love to eat alot and like listen to music, plays games and read book. i am a shy person in real life but sometime not like tat. only to someone close to me than i wont shy. so if u wan noe me and be my fren Add me msn: love_myself_33@hotmail.com very easy to get going. but talk less. and dream of being a millionaire one day. Enjoy



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Friday, April 30, 2010

- :

HELLO Everybody. i'M BACK.
Suddenly hv this feeling writing something.
first of all. NS Soon. 4th may i am going in.
today when to get some product jus for NS.
had a very nice and filling lunch with QIANG today.
when CWP eat thai food at SIAM KITCHEN.
after tat when to buy his shoes and when to buy all my stuff.

WAD a hot weather this fews days. can hv heat stroke. DBT!!!
aft buying and eating when how take a short nap. due to the hot sun. i 'm hell slpy and tired. so when to slp.
so bored. count down to NS<<<



{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
8:48 PM

Friday, October 2, 2009

- :

well well well. i am back.
hahas. having 2 days off alr. which was ytd and today.
recently lots of things happen. during work la. i learn to kill a life lobster and
make life drunken prawn. hahas.
tat was so cruel. killing them alive. =)
but tat was nth de la. hahas.
so busy work work. tat my life now. hahas.
but ytd was tinking of baking a cake.
so bought ingredient reach home wan to heat up de oven.
guess what!
it was broken. and it trip. lol. so long never use sure spoil de.
so call de man to come down and repair. take quite sometime to come. and fix everything,
late alr. so not baking alr.
so today. aft lunch. i bake de cake.
haven try yet but is a pass.
not tat perfect yet. before tat day. sure pass one.
no worry.
hmmm. write till here ba. something wrong with de phone. so pic. next time ba.

{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
5:36 PM

Monday, September 21, 2009

- :

well well well..
aft days of working. i am getting sick soon. too heaty. eat too much rubbish.
hahas. but is ok. hahas. to at work place. saw ppl married. so nice la. de bride even throw de flower. first time see real life de.
hahas. anyway today is a public holiday. so gt another ph. so can off 3 day a wk. maybe next wk clear it.
i nid lots of rest. time to eat then rest le. i wan enjoy my day while i can. tml wake up 5.30am. Not enough slp. sian.
but its ok de la. wahahhas,
bye bye. dun wan write le.

{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
6:17 PM

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

- :

yea. i am back posting. and today is my off day.
ok first of all working is like nth. but tiring only not tat tired also. wasted so much energy.
but i eat alot sia/ its so wonderful. but one thing i am worry abt is i am still a newbie.
work hard hard. so nid read more book and become someone ppl know.(famous) hahas.
so if u wan give present give books. its gd. hahas. i cant let my chef down, his from sg team de leh. so learn.
ok/ so wonder hows all my fren doing. so long never meet u all le. busy whole wk. maybe when i free or finish my IA i treat u all eat.
but gt buget. hahas. try pizza. i love it. but not pizza hut de la. 1 more mth change to cafe to work alr. so sad happy time is over soon.
dun wan write le. till here ba.


{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
2:43 PM

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

- :

ok. i am here. finally posting something.
been busy lately with my I.A . is not tough and tiring.
but there is pressure. hv to do things at de v fast moment. like cut finish a tray of fruit E.g honeydew
in abt 15 min trim and everything. crap. i still cant so fast. de most 30 min. tat long. but today do things so slow. abit no mood sia.
tml off. resting. day aft tml works. but will do better. anyway i wont say so much on work things cos is company policy.
hahas, can get sack de. ok. guess everybody do change.
hahas. hope i can excel in eerything. my workmate there is them friendly de la. but they are so big size man. they are also a part time joker.
everytime disturb each ther and talk crap. but they are gd at work. tat i can say abt them. currently working in de cold production kitchen. lazy talk pic. next time ba. in my chef uni than talk. hahas.
is cold de la in de walk in chiller and freeze. next time my hse gt this big can build in. hahas. so wan eat fod or air-con inside eat. plus ice cream wont melt de.
ok ba write till here ba. will miss u guys and girl de. Takecare,

{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
9:56 PM

Sunday, July 5, 2009

- :

ok. hello everybody.
ytd late reach home feeling v tired so never blog.
so when to Party world with qiang ,edm ,hao, wm and rei when to sing sing. hahas.
sing till 1 than walk home rach home abt 2 plus le. than bath and slp. hahas.
nid to slp early from today onward le.
here some pic in Party world u wont see me. cos i am de one taking pic. wahahahs
Ok today is my last day of holiday. cant play and watch tv le. sad sad.
working more important. so from tml onward wont be staying in woodland le. but still will come back. i going to stay in my nai nai hse. cos there nearest to de place i working at.
ok and so my life is finally starting. tml omward i am a change person.
one day i am going to drive my lamborghini. 1 DAY!!! =]
ok write till here ba. i going to paly and eat to my fill.
anything jus msg me ba.
love all.

pic abit blur cos dark inside. hope u can see it.!

End Of Story

{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
3:45 PM

Monday, June 29, 2009

- :

ok. i am back.
doing nth much this holiday.
tink waste lot of time palying. nid to get myself up agn. soon starting my
attachment le. so aft tat i dun tink i will on9 or play game tat much le.
unless i am in de morning shift. hahas.
ok so de latest news. Michael Jackson is dead. and so many ppl is praying for him.
R.I.P ba. lol
i am not crazy over him anyway. jus love his dance move. hahas
nid to do alot things le.
everybody start sch so is me. ok ba.
wish me luck.
nid to change everything le. Hair. face. etc. prepare for work. wahahas.
write till here ba. lazy to type le.

End of Story

{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
10:33 PM